a sanctuary in the beautiful arid lands of South Australia













 the Observatory is located in a small building that has stood for some forty years on the road to Lake Torrens outside the opal mining township of Andamooka in South Australia.

it offers sanctuary and stillness, the opportunity to be in place and to work respectfully with country. 



we recognise the Kokatha people as the traditional owners of this land and respect and acknowledge their spiritual connection as custodians.



 in 2015 the Observatory will be home to


 a collective poetry project

 which began here




     "Working on the pennant was such a deeply touching experience on all levels - physical, spiritual, mental, emotional - and when I would sit to stitch in the evenings, I would feel a deep connection to everyone who was participating in your project… and knowing that the final bathing of the flags would be in the natural hues and tones from the trees and plants and earth… and that then, you would be bringing them all together to be moved and touched by the breezes, and ultimately reclaimed by the earth.  Such a positive and uplifting experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Nancy Thome